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The Marsh Kings Daughter- The story of a little shadow

A story told from the perspective of a forgotten child-celebrity Helena, she is the lovechild of the rape and abduction of her uncomfortably young mother. Told alongside narrative from Hans Christian Andersen famous fairy tale “The Marsh King's Daughter". Helena Pelletier is a married mother of two, a decent jam and jelly maker, who can’t escape the worst part of her identity, her father.

Dear Juliet...

Now, that was a first; someone, a total stranger, listened to my advice. This girl agreed to walk back to retrieve her forgotten items and I saw her walk with a sense of purpose, hesitating but still with a thought in mind. She admitted her fear of him she said through his being embarrassed by her but I saw the physically fear that rattled her. When we walked past the patio door and approached the front door we turned away so she could do this alone. We kept our distance in order to give privacy but yet be within earshot in case something happens.