All in Book Review

Love, Obsession, Murder-A Fairytale Romance

The story starts like most other romances, the troubled boy falls for the pretty girl way out of his league. That is, until the love turns into a gruesome obsession and breeds a new age type of stalker. The kind of stalker who doesn’t have be right outside your door to know what you are doing, rather check your internet profiles. We follow the inner monologue and every day actives of a very interesting and distraught Michael Hayes. He is a man with a very upsetting childhood and how his life forever changed when we fell in love with the wrong girl.

The Marsh Kings Daughter- The story of a little shadow

A story told from the perspective of a forgotten child-celebrity Helena, she is the lovechild of the rape and abduction of her uncomfortably young mother. Told alongside narrative from Hans Christian Andersen famous fairy tale “The Marsh King's Daughter". Helena Pelletier is a married mother of two, a decent jam and jelly maker, who can’t escape the worst part of her identity, her father.