About The Creators


Samantha Page

Founder, Owner, Publisher, Writer

I am a curious being. I wonder about all things, I enjoy diving into the unknown and attempting to put it into words. But I also like to listen and learn. The fruit of knowledge is what fuels the world.

I plan to obtain that knowledge through the creative process. Not only through my own experiences but through lessons taught by the countless talented people all over the world. Any kind of artistic expression holds its own lesson.

I also found my love for literature at a young age. I would lose myself in books for hours and days on end. I still refuse to put a book down until I can almost recite the text.

I also found another escape in writing my own stories and characters, I have always been fascinated with the worlds and creations of others and I find the purest sense of joy when I am able to help others find their voice and to emphasis on diversifying the world of the written word. Plus encouraging for innovation and depth to mold the creative-modern world.

My collective work is called SamScript and check it out here!


Emili Nicole Holden

Photographer, Expressionist, Writer

Hellooo!! I’m Emili! I’m 25 years-old, I’m a Licensed Professional Massage Therapist, I’m a photographer, and a sort of Expressionist.

My passion behind the lens started when I was much younger and honestly had no clue what I was doing. I would always fill up disposable cameras whenever I could, most memorably at relative’s weddings and Christmas time. I really started dissecting this fire inside of me when I got into High School; I had the most inspirational teacher who pushed me and challenged me, helped me and encouraged me (S/O Mr. Kneal, you da best stay fresh). I never stuck to one subject. I was always eager to discover new and diverse subjects to shoot, emotions to capture, moods to set. Still am, I just got a lil better with time(;

Photography runs in my family. My Grandpa met my Grandma on a blind date and they fell in LOVE. Raw, authentic L-O-V-E. He gave her his Polaroid camera so she could send him photos he shipped out over seas for the Navy. They would write letters back and forth and back and forth, my Grandma would take polaroids of herself with his camera..I have their letters and the original Polaroid camera(AIN’T THAT THE CUTEST THO); they’re some of my most cherished possessions. So, not only did it help shape my family, but Photography is in my blood. I embody a different essence of energy when I’m behind the camera. Heck, even in my daily life I swear that when I blind I can’t help but take a photo. With so much beauty out in this world, I kind of take it as a responsibility to capture whatever I can and share it with my world. I strive to portray optimism, diverse beauty and positivity through my photos and my writing.

Oh, my writing. Yea, imagine that as you read this maybe too-long bio, I am also a passionate writer. An “Expressionist” as I enjoy calling myself. My writing is anywhere from rhyme-less poetry to anxiety-driven rambles. I embrace how I want to express my thoughts and feeling and emotions and put it (shove it, more or less) out there with all I got. No regrets. Just raw, authentic ME.

I’m cutting myself off now. I hope you all enjoy my work and the work of this incredible team! Remember to always show love and spread love! Happy endeavors!

Look at my work here.



Emma Lelia

Artist, Mom, Veteran

I am 25 years old, a traditional artist, a mom, and a veteran. I have been drawing since I could hold a pencil and it has always been a passion of mine. To me art is more than just lines on a paper or a pretty picture. Art is how I see the world and how I let the world see me. It’s how I can speak to someone I’ve never meet and tell them a story, its how I can express myself when words fail me. I always have a sketchbook and pencil with me, and on the rare occasions I don’t a napkin and pen will do just fine. When I look at the world I don’t just see people walking down the street, I see muscles flowing over bone to create movement, and a dance called life. The trees speak and hold up a sky littered with diamonds, buildings glitter like stardust and meadows sway to the song of the sun. When I look at the world through my art it is full of wonder and hope, and I want to be able to bring that feeling of peace to the world.

Look at my work here.