"Craving pure perfection is a common goal amongst life in all forms. Whether it be through the influence of religion or internal motivation. The path to perfection is transparent. There is no true sense of perfection. Within each soul there is a divine purpose and that purpose is what creates what we call the world. Now the basic understanding of perfection is misjudged, cliches ring through the world stating all perfection is in oneself. While this statements is overrung, nonetheless the foundation is the simple truth"-

Halloween Series


Mick, I don’t wanna go. Can’t we just stay home tonight please, we were out so late yesterday and I am still kind of tired. “Tiffany come on, just us tonight I swear. We go pick up some burgers and fries with the guys and we will go on a nice drive to a really romantic spot. Not many people know about it, a couple locals and me, so it could be just for us. Something we have that no one else does.

“Fine, I’m getting the large fries and a shake then”. “Wouldn’t have it any other way darling. Mick slides his hand around Tiffany’s waist and effortlessly lifts her, Tiffany wraps her legs around him almost two times just to eliminate any space between them. Kissing all over and completely smitten Mick and Tiffany quickly showered, changed and kissed their dog’s goodbye and drove to Riverdale Diner when they pulled in they are swarmed by a pack of barely legal testosterone-fueled creatures jumping all around and throwing their body weight into each other. Tiffany blinks twice and holds on to her purse hoping not to get trampled by this wild pack boars.

The pack of pigs followed Mick and Tiffany into the diner and consumed 3 booths and dragged 2 tables over just so each of them had somewhere to rest their feet.

“God guys get your feet off the table, we’re in public have some respect.”

“Shut up Tiff, we are the ones paying at the end of the night so we will do what we want!” “Unless you’d like to chip in for once” Mike Said. Mick playfully shoved Mike. “Come on man leave her be, you know her parents barely make enough to support her and her brother.” Mike was a typical high school jock who never grew out of his ‘cool guy’ phase. Ego bigger than his plumb head and beer gut combined. He came from dirty money and he knew it, his family was always flaunting the newest toys and trinkets but never willing to share in what they do to fund their wild lifestyle.

Josh the hip attachment to Mike jumps over Mick and is close enough to Tiffany’s face she could almost taste the tobacco he had packed in his front lip. “They say your family is cursed Tiff, did you know that? The fact that your sister was murdered by that ‘Phantom’ your hometown is all scared of. The whole town talks about you and your freak of a family like you are the misshapen mutt from a litter of puppies, everyone one else was bought and brought to a good home but your family was left in the street, like any miscreant should.

Some nameless blob of blonde hair chimed in to say “I heard they found her body two miles away from that guy giving her a ride home, who was it? Paul Martin, I think.”

“The Booker family should have all been murdered that night in ’64, as cursed as my family is rich.” Mike gloated.

“THAT’S ENOUGH JOSH! Leave her the fuck alone or I’ll kick your ass.” Mick’s hands were curling into themselves, turning white from his squeezing them so hard. Tiffany reaches for Mick’s arm and glides her hands up and down, feeling his perfectly toned biceps. She takes her other hand and supports his neck and turns his face to hers. “Let’s just go, you said you had a surprise for me.”

“Oh, a surprise huh? I wouldn’t want to be alone with her if you paid me a million dollars. Josh spat at Tiffany. Mike responded, “here Josh just let me run to the bank and I will pay you to!” Wide-eyed and frozen in fear, Josh was a new statue in the Riverdale Diner. Mick pushed Josh off the table and ended up taking a couple of the other of the guys there down with him, “screw off you jerks.” Tiffany and Mick snatched a bag with burgers and fries and took Mike and Josh’s milkshakes off the pickup counter. But was stopped by Mike yelling “Fine fine, but don’t say we didn’t warn you about her and her garbage family when things go bad.”

The squeals of Mick’s tires are the last thing Mike and his gang of terrorizers would hear of Mick and Tiffany.

The lights of Micks 1971 Mustang Fastback with a 351 Cleveland roaring down the gravel road. “I can’t escape her Mick, no matter where me or family go we are just the family of the girl who was murdered. You know they think her murder was inspired by a legend? I mean how crazy is that. The worst part is we don’t know who. There was some theory of some odd guy in town, I guess his wife claimed he was the ‘Phantom’ but there was nothing that stuck. I will forever be known as Betty Jo Booker’s sister.”

Mick looked at Tiffany with sadness and sympathy, he thought to himself “I can’t believe it, her sister was murdered just a couple years back. I know she wants to move on from it and I wish she could, but it’s just a lot to deal with. But man is she beautiful and smart and I mean look at her.”

They came to a stop and Mick gingerly cupped Tiffany’s chin and said: “Were here baby.” To the right of them was a field of mostly brown grass with a couple trees sticking out in abnormal directions and road that was partly developed that continued into the darkness. But mostly nothing, a wasteland. “This is your special place for us? You must not think of very highly of me” Tiffany said surprisingly. Mick responded, “No, you goofball, it’s a little bit of a walk there are some pants and boots for you in the back, wouldn’t want you to ruin that skirt and heels of yours.” Hesitant Tiffany got out and went to the back seat to change.

Mick attempting to be discreet watches in the rearview, the skirt sliding off and her shirt slowing rising. He feels the sweat on his forehead and his palms calm up, his heart almost pounds through his chest, the blood draining from every other part of his body.

He clears his throat and turns to Tiffany, “Tiff, come here real quick.” “Mick! Don’t look!” Tiffany squealed. “Babe your skirt and if stuck on your shirt, here I can get it.” He crawls over the back seat and positions himself around her. “Don’t look when I pull it off, got it?” She demanded. Mick nods and smiles under his breath

The touch of Mick’s hands on Tiffany’s back was too much for her to bear. She’s wanted him for so long but the time never felt right. Without a second thought, she did a full 180 and kissed Mick with every fiber in her being. His hands move up and down her body, hers through his hair and with every new kiss they lost a piece of clothing. She completely on top of him now and him reaching for the protection in his wallet they are interrupted by a piercing alarm coming from the radio in the front seat.

“Attention to all those in the Thornton area please be advised that there has been a riot at Ridge Home and all but one prisoner has been found. If already in your residence lock all doors and windows, if not, find the closest safe location. Prisoner is a 6’5, Caucasian, male , and approximately 180 lbs. Prisoner is considered armed and dangerous, do not take action if seen. For any known sightings or tips please contact the Thornton Police department.”

Frozen, Mick doesn’t move but Tiffany slowly slid off his hips and fell against the window. Ice cold to her skin she doesn’t shutter but falls into the bench seat. “Mick, we need to leave. Let’s go home please.” Mick shakes his head and falls back to reality, “No Tiff, come on it’s no big deal the asylum is on the other side of town. They will catch him before he ever gets close to us.” He leans back in to kiss her again and she shoves his face back and crawls to the front seat, reaches back and grabs the pants and boots and rushes to put them on.

Frustrated, Mick watches months worth of courting and flowers down the drain. “Fine Tiff, just know I am going to be in pain now because of this.” “Looking for sympathy, huh? Not very classy Mick. Now, take me home!”

As Tiffany turned to turn the radio up, she wanted to be able to hear anymore updates, a force hit the passenger side door so hard it threw Tiffany against the drivers side door and forced Mick to flip over himself. “What the hell was that?!” Tiffany screamed, “I don’t know let’s go.” Mick jumped over the front seat and threw it in gear and slammed his foot the floor. Digging into the spot they had just been parked in they sped up the road into the empty dark in front of them. Around a sharp bend Mick kept his foot cemented to the floor, and started to spin out of control. They spun 3 ½ times and were stopped by a boulder on the right hand side of the road. Shaken and dazed they both checked their heads first and then the rest of their bodies, covered in mostly scratches and some already bruising areas they were okay. Then the radio squealed on,

“To all those on or near Riverdale Rd, be advised the most recent sighting was 5 minutes ago with the suspect on said road. Please find a safe location immediately.”

“Mick, where did you bring us?” She asked in fear. “Uhh, I’m not sure I followed some directions from some local in town, here I have it written down on the back of a business card in my wallet.” He pulled out the card and in a deep red ink read ‘DIRECTIONS TO RIVERDALE RD.”  

Their eyes met and a silent scream roared in their minds. “Drive, now!” She yelled. Mick turned the key but the Mustang pouted and wouldn’t turn over. “Fine we run, get those boots on let’s go,” he said. They are forced to crawl out of the driver’s side window of which Mick had to break to crawl through. They started in the direction they were originally going. As they passed the trunk of the car Tiffany looked back at the passenger side, 2 inches from where she was sitting, stuck in the passenger door a was some kind of metal object sticking out. Peaked with curiosity she walked over to the object and looked closely. “Tiffany let’s go! What are you doing?! Come on!”

“Hold on Mick look at this, I think it’s some kind of a hook. Look at the end though it’s covered in something” she grazed her finger over the end sticking out of the car door. She raised her finger to the moonlight and the color of a deep red glided down her finger. Blood.

She screamed and in the distance, a giant man like figure appeared in the middle of the road. It was breathing heavy and slowly tilted its head to left and as Tiffany turned to look at Mick the figure broke out into a full sprint. “Run!” Mick screamed. They turned and went into the field next to them. The figure closing in with one stride to their ever two. In the middle of the field stood the ruins to an old mansion once owned by a somewhat wealthy man who lived there with his wife and daughter. in the early 1800’s. One day he decided to light the house on fire and he burned himself, his wife and daughter alive. All that was left was part of the original gate and some bricks lined in the outline of the ground floor.

Mick and Tiffany ran past the gate and hid behind some of the bricks at the back of the house. Tiffany gasps for air and whimpers, Mick puts his hands around her mouth and held her close. He mouthed “Don’t move”, both covered in dirt and worn down they sat and waited for the figure to show itself. What felt like a lifetime went by and the couple didn’t move. Mick pushed himself against the brick and stood up to look around the corner, Tiffany hiding behind his waist and legs. There wasn’t anyone there, except the gate they ran around that had been broken and torn in half was now whole and closed.

Confused and terrified, Mick reached for Tiffany and they linked hands. Walking around the rubble of the Riverdale Rd mansion shook the two to their core. They didn’t know the history that was under their feet, and how it still haunts the grounds.

“Mick, what are you doing? Come on he can still be out there!”, “Are you seeing this though Tiffany? Look we ran right past this gate and it was basically dust, and it was open (as much as it could be anyway) but now it’s perfectly rebuilt, painted, and closed. The guys gone Tiff, he wanted to just get out of the asylum I guess and it now on his way to Timbuktu. I’ll look real quick then we will go, okay?”

“Fine, two minutes.” Tiffany settled.

Mick walked over to the gate still linked to Tiffany and his hand grazed the middle section, that once was dirt on the ground was now a sigil of some kind made from metal and was intertwined with the gate. He squatted to be eye level with the creature represented in the center of the sigil, the closer he got the bigger the gate seemed to grow. Tiffany watched in awe of the growing gate and her hand slid from Mick’s and she grabbed one of the bars of the gate and her and the gate immediately vanished.

Part 2

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The Demons that Haunt all of Our Lives

The Demons that Haunt all of Our Lives

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Let's talk about American Horror Story Apocalypse Episode 1: "The End"