"Craving pure perfection is a common goal amongst life in all forms. Whether it be through the influence of religion or internal motivation. The path to perfection is transparent. There is no true sense of perfection. Within each soul there is a divine purpose and that purpose is what creates what we call the world. Now the basic understanding of perfection is misjudged, cliches ring through the world stating all perfection is in oneself. While this statements is overrung, nonetheless the foundation is the simple truth"-

The story of a sheepdog

The story of a sheepdog

The overwhelming smell of lavender fills the room, 

The squeal of vintage floor boards shaking beneath the shifting weight, 

The sobs of the broken hearted echo through the hallways. 


Another sheepdog stolen from his flock. 

Rest easy now soldier, for your time for peace

Has come. 


Only you could fight the demons that reaped for your soul.

The suffrage and pain forever at bay. 

The numbness finally fading. 


To the man who stood against the evil

That floods this world.

To a defender of the weak and protector of the innocent. 


To the daughter who weeps for the void in her heart. 

She tries to hold her composure but finds only pain and 

Sadness in the “closure”. 


The empty she feels, until the night comes. 

It is there he dances in her dreams and gives, 

Her visions of the future. 


And then each morning he is stolen again. 

“Vadis Vado” She whispers. 

You go, I go, in a voice only he can hear.

The Marsh Kings Daughter- The story of a little shadow

The Marsh Kings Daughter- The story of a little shadow

Quick Thought #2: A Media Escape

Quick Thought #2: A Media Escape