Love, Obsession, Murder-A Fairytale Romance

The story starts like most other romances, the troubled boy falls for the pretty girl way out of his league. That is, until the love turns into a gruesome obsession and breeds a new age type of stalker. The kind of stalker who doesn’t have be right outside your door to know what you are doing, rather check your internet profiles. We follow the inner monologue and every day actives of a very interesting and distraught Michael Hayes. He is a man with a very upsetting childhood and how his life forever changed when we fell in love with the wrong girl.

The Marsh Kings Daughter- The story of a little shadow

A story told from the perspective of a forgotten child-celebrity Helena, she is the lovechild of the rape and abduction of her uncomfortably young mother. Told alongside narrative from Hans Christian Andersen famous fairy tale “The Marsh King's Daughter". Helena Pelletier is a married mother of two, a decent jam and jelly maker, who can’t escape the worst part of her identity, her father.

Dear Juliet...

Now, that was a first; someone, a total stranger, listened to my advice. This girl agreed to walk back to retrieve her forgotten items and I saw her walk with a sense of purpose, hesitating but still with a thought in mind. She admitted her fear of him she said through his being embarrassed by her but I saw the physically fear that rattled her. When we walked past the patio door and approached the front door we turned away so she could do this alone. We kept our distance in order to give privacy but yet be within earshot in case something happens.

Is “The Handmaids Tale” symbolic for how history is bound to repeat itself?

For those of you who have seen at least one episode of the “The Handmaid’s Tale” can attest the extreme attitudes and psychological warfare that is the basis for the show. For those of you who haven’t jumped on the bandwagon be aware SPOILERS AHEAD. I was like you once, I am an active member in the community against jumping on bandwagons and usually wait to watch a show after everything is already ruined by social media where we are basically given a play by play. But one boring afternoon my curiosity got the best of me, I had been reading a lot of interesting articles online about this controversial TV series, that glorify violence and cult-like behavior, and completely ruined the image of religion in the public’s eye.

Don’t we all wish that every person who ever wronged us would confess their guilt, whether it be in comfort of a simple vent session between friends or the awkward stares in a courtroom where they are sworn to the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help them God. Wouldn’t it be nice to have all the traumatic events that haunt our dreams have some closure? Well, that dream is a distant one in the case of most sexual assault victims. Most of the people in this world that have suffered through the coping process of rebuilding their lives after such an event, still live with the ache and pain every single day. An ache that shakes a person to the core and causes issues later in life.