"Craving pure perfection is a common goal amongst life in all forms. Whether it be through the influence of religion or internal motivation. The path to perfection is transparent. There is no true sense of perfection. Within each soul there is a divine purpose and that purpose is what creates what we call the world. Now the basic understanding of perfection is misjudged, cliches ring through the world stating all perfection is in oneself. While this statements is overrung, nonetheless the foundation is the simple truth"-

Issue #2-Fantasy Submissions

Issue #2-Fantasy Submissions


First and foremost, thank you all so much to all those who submitted your work to be featured. You all are incredibly talented and we thank you for joining us on this journey.

To the audience, you all are in for quite a treat. Each one of these amazing artist took fantasy to a whole new level. We peeked into the minds of the Gods, we played with the supernatural, heard whispers from the night, and joined the Occult.

Do the Old Gods Dream Electric

Photographer: Ammar Saadiq

Instagram: @saadiqcreations

Model: Jackie Groetken @that_asian_hippie

It’s said that the piece “Creation of Adam” by Michelangelo, is the artistic representation of God being in our head, or in some cases, us being part of a God’s dream. In my piece: Do The Old Gods Dream Electric, I wanted to represent: the ancient Gods of Japan and Korea, both culture’s love of the sea, the fusion of how the old meets new, and asking the age old question, do we dream of God, or are we part of a God’s dreams? Are our new God’s, science and technology, or are we part of some mad architect’s dream? Do The Old Gods Dream Electric?

Eternal Spring

Artist: Taylor Korenic

Instagram: @korenicart


While drawing this photo I wanted to create something that I felt displayed beauty in a diverse world. Her face to be pleasant and peaceful, but also to show a oddity with her antlers. I think fantasy is a world that we secretly want to be real, which is why I decided to chose this photo to submit. I hope you all enjoy this piece and create your own fantasy worlds and people.

C for Catch Me

Author: Ava Tolmasoff

Instagram: @ava.soleille

Twenty minutes left
And we’re playing tag
As children do,
On the loud
Rickety structure
Of a plastic playground 
With plastic kids.
And I’m joyful 
And happy
Like never before
So is my little friend
Who jumps at the sight
Of me in my pink dress.
She calls for my name
As I go hide in the tunnel.
She finds me 
And decides 
That she should scare
My happy lonely self.
The little girl does so
And i scream
As she tags me.
We slide down the slide
And laugh at our nonsense
That was childhood.
We keep playing
And eventually 
The bright sun
Turns into dusk,
And every kid there
My friend says goodbye
And leaves with her mother
Hand in hand.
I am left alone.
So I play tag
With my imaginary friend
Who is Ally, the ghost
And as the faded child
Yells catch me,
I sprint over to her
And I trip
Just as I reach her arm.
Ally turns around
And catches me
Right before I fall.
She quickly lets go
And I fall to my misery
In awe of my ghost friend.
She looks me in the eye,
And suddenly
Ally disappears

The Occult

Photographer: Emerald Boes

Instagram: @emeraldboesphoto

(Submission by Katharina Pajavaara)

The Models (@ Instagram): Kirstin Gumucio (@kristinelizabethh), Hailey Wert (@lilmountainwitch), Rachel Antion (@r.a.y.c.h.i.l.l), Katha Pajavaara (@pajavaarak)


Author: Madison Thomas

Instagram: @basic_overlord

Can you hear it?
It comes at night.
Floating on a breeze
Always out of sight.

Keep the doors shut.
Stay under the covers.
Tell the children quiet
It's tapping on the shutters.

Familiar and strange together.
Feel your name called
But you hear nothing.
Itchy, but not appalled.

When will it go?
It's depends my dear.
If you feel a breeze
It means it's here.

Hush. The blanket moves.
A gentle whisper
Upon your body.
You shiver.

It comes at night.

Thank you again to all the artists we hope you will submit again soon!

Tell us what you thought in the comments below and keep your eyes open for Issue #3 where the Emma, Emili and I will tackle what Carnival means to us!


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