"Craving pure perfection is a common goal amongst life in all forms. Whether it be through the influence of religion or internal motivation. The path to perfection is transparent. There is no true sense of perfection. Within each soul there is a divine purpose and that purpose is what creates what we call the world. Now the basic understanding of perfection is misjudged, cliches ring through the world stating all perfection is in oneself. While this statements is overrung, nonetheless the foundation is the simple truth"-

Issue #4- Carnival Submissions

Issue #4- Carnival Submissions


First and foremost, thank you all so much to all those who submitted your work to be featured. You all are incredibly talented and we thank you for joining us on this journey.

To the audience, each one of these amazing artist took Carnival to a unique level. This month the artists gave individual examples of what they think of the topic ‘Carnival’. You will see a wide variety of pieces and each has its own lesson in its beauty and originality.

Artist: Kayla Morgan

Instagram: Kaylabug1210


Poet: Cenk Caliskan

Instagram: _cenkcaliskan_


Mixing into the night: the screams
I put on a new face over my face
In front of me: an ebullient crowd
A flowing river in great joy
What I'm thinking of doing
- wish you knew
If I did it all 
a thousand lifetimes not enough
Still want to do it all
Wish I could add lifetimes 
to my existing life

What you call human is a bundle of joy
Only for days and nights like these
Dances should never stop 
music should never stop
Should play my favorite notes
Tonight all music is my favorite
If I don't dance it's as if I did
Let wine and champagne flow like water
Let's rejoice as if it's our last day
Tomorrow night same excitement all over again
Let's rain down on the squares

Let this be known: human is a social being
If it can't find another to open up to
It will dance on the streets like this
Because many bugs accumulate inside it
If can't shake'em off what good is this life
Did anybody ask you before coming here
Then nobody can meddle in our business
Come on time to go crazy for us
Let's go mad together decently

Been here five hundred thousand years
and waited for this madness every year
Masks and costumes come out of the chest
Rehearsals are done scenarios are played out
Every time a different excitement

Come on, join us too - finally
What's there to be ashamed in this
Put on things dress up put on makeup
This happens once a year why hesitate
Throw yourself into the streets
shake your bugs off
So what if the frog doesn't turn 
into a prince upon your kiss
How many things you want in life come true

Artist: miskiwa

Instagram: ASttefany




Poet: Kristina Mahr

Instagram: kristina.mahr

It was Labor Day weekend,
and I'd already said goodbye.
It was hell, but I didn't know then
that hell is relative,
that maybe I should've taken that hell
because it was less of a hell
than all of the other goodbyes we'd have.
There was funnel cake,
my nephews on a roller coaster
while I waited down below,
and I wasn't there,
I wasn't there,
I was miles away from there.
My phone was in my hand,
your name was on my screen,
and I thought, one more, maybe one more.
Maybe one more goodbye.
It's a pin in the map of us,
and I see the red thread wrapped
around and around it,
around and around it.
We could've stopped there,
maybe should've stopped there,
didn't stop there,
because I left that carnival that day
to drive you to the airport,
to have to say goodbye again,
but it was worth it, I swore,
it was worth it.
I've always sworn that it was worth it.
I counted, you know, I counted
seven goodbyes,
seven goodbyes,
and I didn't know that
the last one
the last one
because it's like the boy who cried wolf,
saying goodbye to you.
But the last one was the last one,
and now instead of wolf,
I'm just crying,
thinking about that pin
in the map of us
from the day at that carnival,
when I decided I wanted another goodbye.
What if I had known.
What if I had seen all the other pins,
the way they're in the map
but also in my spine,
also in my kneecaps,
also in my heart.
Would I have stayed another hour,
rode another ride,
put my phone on mute
and in my pocket
and out of sight.
Let that goodbye be our goodbye.
(I'll never know.)
I only know that the last one was the last one.

(Unless, unless.)

I've got a few more pins in my hand,
a little more blood left in this heart.

(Unless, unless.)

Maybe you want to
ride another ride
with me.

Artist: Ray Hill



Thank you again to all the artists we hope you will submit again soon!

Tell us what you thought in the comments below and keep your eyes open for Issue #5 where the Emma, Emili and I will tackle the concept of Space!

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